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Tuesday, December 13, 2011



The Daily Mail report about the case of Jane Clift is mentioned within the "Gang Stalking World" website.

Jane Clift was the victim of something known as Gang Stalking, a very sinister subject, and one worthy of further investigation.

Even the jargon associated with Gang Stalking has a sinister ring to it and requires further investigation and exposure:

Targeted Individuals, threat assessments, community notification lists, data mining, psychiatric reprisals, citizen informants, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Health and Safety, street theatre, workplace mobbing, gas lighting, fusion centres, Cointelpro.

Interstingly, Section 39 of the recent Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland)Act 2010, now makes stalking a specific criminal offence, and as I understand it, similar legisaltion is on its way in England.

Perhaps you can do another piece on Gang Stalking.


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