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Wednesday, September 03, 2008



You read the likes of the Daily Mail and you get the impression that sending your kids to private school is the standard, mainstream thing to do, and the 93% of the country who don't or can't do it are slumming. Do Daily Mail readers all agree with this view - are they all saving their pennies accordingly, is it like the US survey that shows a majority of people opposing taxing multi-millionaires because they feel they're probably going to be multi-millionaires themselves in a year or two?
And blimey, the comments for that feature are turning into a bit of a war zone. Guardian comments usually turn in a foetid right-wing swamp after a while, and this is obviously a real red meat subject. Based on the balance of comments, why the hell do people say the Guardian is a left wing paper? Or is just something to do with the psychology of people who post comments?

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