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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ralph Musgrave

BNP fascist?

Chambers Dictionary defines fascism as being composed for four or five characteristics, one of which is “militarism”. Labour, Tories and G.W.Bush took their milirary forces to Iraq (“for the oil” according to Alan Greenspan) and a million Muslims and Kurds died as a result. In contrast the BNP always opposed the war. Who are the fascists on that score?

And then there is small question of the million or so Muslims and Kurds killed. Who are the racists?

The BNP are going to have to kill an awful lot of Muslims etc before they match the Labour and Tory record on racist genocide.

Another element of fascism as per Chambers dictionary definition is “restrictions on personal freedom”. There have been dozens of articles in broadsheet newspapers in the last year cataloguing the attacks on civil liberties and human rights by Labour.

And then there was the undemocratic (i.e. fascist) decision to implement a policy of mass immigration to the UK, a decision taken without consulting and against the wishes of the majority of Brits: a decision taken by Labour and Tories and opposed by the BNP.

The list of Labour and Tory fascist characteristics is endless. It’s a moot point as to who the fascists are, isn’t it?


No Ralph, it's not.

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