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Thursday, May 21, 2009



Didn't you used to be a fairly senior reporter at the Chronic? Can you find out by way of your contacts there exactly what the house policy re covering the BNP (and English Democrats etc) is at the moment?

Also, a commenter on EPW suggested that there is a prominent reporter on the Evening Post who self-identifies as a BNP supporter - again, perhaps you can rinse out your time at Temple Way to get the skinny on that.


The Bristol postie story - the way you phrase it may reasonably be read that the action has resulted in no BNP election literature being delivered by RM posties. This is not the case. Some posties have exercised their right not to deliver such material. I live in St. Paul's(!), and I received a BNP leaflet with my daily post. (I've also received leaflets from UKIP, the Tories and the Greens.)


I'll ask about the first, am intrigued by the second and will have a delve and thanks for putting right my clumsy wording on the posties.


Still awaiting an answer to the first and, as for the second, all I know is that, yes an employee is suspended and it’s not anyone involved on the editorial side.

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