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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


James Barlow

I believe the calculations at the time were that a Russian attack using two thermonuclear devices (i.e. Megaton range) would be sufficient to bring about the collapse of UK civil society, both from the initial deaths and the subsequent fallout, lawlessness, agricultural collapse and other secondary affects.

While attending a ballet performance in Moscow, a Soviet minister commented to the British Ambassador at the time that our country was considered a very high value target, and thus over fifty warheads were aimed at Britain.

The book this is taken from is by the same chap:

The Secret State: Whitehall and the Cold War (2002) by Peter Hennessy


The way onward from Cathedral was there in plain sight - we should had clambered over the other side of the 150 years worth of rubbish dumped down the shaft at the top. That's the way to the bunker (past barbed wire, an underground stream to a CCTV camera and metal door)...


I did want to find that door with the little CCTV camera above it but I think the failing torch batteries were starting to spook me.
We should have gone back again . . .


Your little adventure sounds like the later episodes of Edge Of Darkness!

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